Monday, August 8, 2011

Willcomenn in München!

Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in Europe which consists of 16 states. It is the most populous in Europe with 81.8 million inhabitants and has the largest economy in the European nation.

When I think of Germany, I think of sausages and beer. I look forward to having German flights because I go crazy sausage shopping (which my Mom loves). I'm not really a beer person but I had to experience it at least once and have tried a mug of local beer (well, more like a pitcher - their mugs were huuuuge!) in a local pub.

My very first German destination was Munich or München (meaning "by the monks' place" - derived from the monks of the Benedictine order who founded the city.). I have been to Munich countless times. There's not really a lot you could do except visit museums, go on a city tour and shop. I'm not really a museum type of girl so I've never set foot into one.

I always end up going to Marienplatz (St. Mary's Square) - a central square in the city center of Munich where the new City Hall is now located. Located right below it is a transportation hub. This is where most of the shops and restaurants can be found, too.

Marienplatz - City Center

Sausage shopping is always my favorite part. There are are a lot of types of German Sausages (Würste) - Frankfurters/wieners, Bratwürste, Knackwürste, Bockwürste or whatever "würste" they are - I love it! They are soooo cheap,  ranging from 50 Euro cents to less than 5 Euros per pack.

Which got me thinking: I was listening to the news yesterday, about the Senate pushing the "No Plastic" bill in the Philippines and realized that it is about time we adapted this. In Europe, people bring their own bags when they shop, as you had to pay for a plastic or paper bag if you don't. They have been practicing this for years and it's about time that we did. This just goes to show how primitive and third-world we are but I am glad that over the years, we have started adapting to the Westerners and Europeans. We now celebrate Trick or Treat here, places and people are more pet-friendly - well, baby steps.

Germany also has a largely temperate seasonal climate. I always check BBC weather for updates on countries I'm going to but I am never good at packing the right clothes and comparing temperature. I once ended up in Munich with just a light jacket and flip-flops on a crazy winter day. I had to pretend I wasn't cold but I was dying! I kept dragging my companion inside the shops because the heaters were on.

With a Brazilian colleague. Notice how she was wearing winter clothes? It was that cold and I was freezing!

To German sausages and beer!


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